Well, actually, it’s my blog that’s moving, from this address to stepbystepjourney.com 

I’m doing this for a number of reasons: 

1. I believe that life is intended to be a journey, not of wandering in circles, but of moving closer and closer towards the wholeness God wants for us, and has made possible for us because of Christ. 

2. I believe that physical journeys, ranging from my morning jog, to my upcoming hike through the Alps, have much to teach us about the soul journeys of our lives. 

3. I love helping people discover next steps towards the wholeness found in Christ. 

So, if you’re a subscriber here, you might want to head over to the new site, check it out, let me know what you think, and subscribe there!  I’m thrilled about my own upcoming sabbatical journey, and even more thrilled to create a platform that I hope will help next steps happen in all our lives. 

About raincitypastor

pastor, Bible teacher, climber, lover of: God, mountains, coffee, the church, good food, good conversation, lingering outside as the sun goes down, sport, words, music, ideas, creating...and much much more.
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