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Musings on Boston Strong and why Beating Fear matters so much.

Fear is a net which evil casts over us that we might become ensnared and fall. Those who are afraid have already fallen. D. Bonhoeffer I went for a tiny little run this morning around the lake by my house, … Continue reading

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Setbacks and Overcoming – The first is assured; the second is optional.

Dream big and work hard for it, because doing so takes you places — not always where you want, but often way farther than you can imagine. – Ranniveig Aamodt       Setbacks come in all shapes and sizes.  … Continue reading

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Recovering the Body before its completely dead.

A little while ago I posted a piece about “the end of sex” as we know it, referencing an article about the dramatically diminishing sex lives of Japanese young people, as the joy of human contact is displaced by virtual … Continue reading

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The End of Sex as we know it – and what to do about it (embodiment pt 2)

“Japan’s under-40s appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren’t even dating, and increasing numbers can’t be bothered with sex.”  So begins an article about the continuing loss of interest in sex among young people in Japan.  The … Continue reading

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Embodiment Part One: Getting out of our heads and off of our phones.

6AM – The alarm goes off and it needs to, even for morning people at this time of year.  Autumn in northern latitudes means every day the sun sleeps in a little longer, the morning air’s a little colder, and … Continue reading

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Skinny Church – the wrong fast for a hungry world

If nutrition is a hobby of yours, then you know that something as simple and straightforward as eating food has dozens of conflicting schools of thought. Macrobiotic people swear by rice and seaweed. Paleolithic people think rice, and most agriculture … Continue reading

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Appropriation: What it means, how it works, why it matters:

Have you ever woken in the middle of the night with your head swirling around ideas, obligations, unresolved questions, to-do lists, the previous day’s failures, possible opportunities, possible meltdowns, etc. etc?  Me too.  It happened last night around 1am, four … Continue reading

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Dust by God—The Matter of the Body (Part 2)

In part one of The Matter of the Body I shared that a great deal of the disdain Christians sometimes show towards all things physical is rooted, not in the robust spirituality offered in Christ, but in a perversion of … Continue reading

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Dust by God – the matter of the body – Part 1

Because of a ski injury last year, I ended up getting an MRI, which entails lying down inside a giant bullet while invisible rays are shot at your body.  The technician, who assures me this is safe, is safely in … Continue reading

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Sexual Anarchy & Sexual Freedom

The church, over the years, hasn’t done a very good job, in my opinion, of addressing sexual ethics.  We invoke “you’ll feel guilty” (but sex feels good as often guilty, for lots of reasons I won’t address here), or “you’ll … Continue reading

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