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Fantasy: A Door That’s Closing—And Why We Should Keep It Open

This past weekend, as part of our plans to insulate our attic bedroom, I was searching out the “art” part of the project and stumbled upon these lovely works from England.  They’re part of a folklore, fairy tale genre that … Continue reading

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Thawing my heart in the heat of Africa….

I’m back home, and don’t know how to write about what happened.  But I wanted to share something… so here’s this morning’s entry from my prayer diary, with a few pictures thrown in. Good morning God… I’m back in Seattle. … Continue reading

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I’m enjoying reading the biography of a favorite Christian: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, while I’m over here in Germany.  He was a German pastor, ultimately arrested and executed because of his overt and covert involvement in the resistance movement. I love reading … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm: Finding Liberty in Simplicity

I went running this morning in my shoeless shoes, pondering the fresh health I’m enjoying in my running because I’ve been liberated from the belief that the foot needs something other than itself to run well.  It’s not the point … Continue reading

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Getting to “Why”

This past Sunday evening’s sixty minutes offered a remarkable example of the power of vision.  This is worth watching! Gustavo Dudamel is the new Venezuelan conductor of the LA Philharmonic.  He could have gone anywhere, but chose Los Angeles because, … Continue reading

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Water Wednesdays

Our church is raising funds to put wells in Africa through the “Spilling Hope” initiative. It would be easy, for many of us, to just write a check on May 23rd, 50 days after Easter, and call it a success. … Continue reading

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Sowing Resurrection Seeds…

You’ve no doubt heard about the parable of the seed and the sower?  It’s one of those stories I’ve seen illustrated with little shreds of flannel when I was in 2nd grade, heard it taught at camp by a guy … Continue reading

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Modernity, Post-Modernity, and the Limits of Knowing

The question on the table is this:  How can we step outside of our own context fully enough to objectively assess the faith? This is the question post-modernity brings to the table.  Rather than decrying post-modernity for critiquing the arrogant … Continue reading

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For… a plea for beauty

Our church staff was looking at this article yesterday, which articulates some data from the Barna research people about how Christians are perceived by those who are not.  I wonder if the real Jesus, not the one conservatives and liberals … Continue reading

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Reflections on first leg of the trip…

In a few minutes I’ll go to class and complete the studies in Genesis with students here, and then board the train for Augsburg, where I’ll spend the evening with friends before filming tomorrow at Dachau and sites in Munich. … Continue reading

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