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This one weird trick will change your life: Slow Down

The tree in the backyard is growing, relentlessly, powerfully, and slowly. Our children are growing, as we do too, slowly; imperceptibly every day. The meat in the crock pot is tenderizing; slowly. Our world, very much alive and changing all … Continue reading

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2014: A Better Path by Adjusting Values: more or less

A new year is a blank piece of paper; a chance to stop and consider how to fine tune our investment in the one wild and precious life that we’ve been given.  The “unexamined life is not worth living” is … Continue reading

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“For All People…” Why the Radical Inclusiveness of Christmas matters.

When the angel announced good news of great joy for all people, the angel opened the door for a feisty conversation about who’s in and who’s out of God’s family.  That conversation has been fueled by arrogance and fear, and … Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing You can do for your Transformation

I’m planning on coming back to the previous post about “the end of sex as we know it” because it addresses an important trend in our culture.  But a convergence of conversations and activities have conspired to point today’s post … Continue reading

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When Everything’s Collapsing? The Ancient Paths

It’s been a week.  In the normally limp and newsless lazy days of late August, our senses have been assaulted by horrific images, at home and abroad.  We’ve learned that the Syrian government is exterminating their own people, and that … Continue reading

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When Life produces Too Much Life: The Value of Quitting

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.  – Michael Porter There’s a forest in my backyard.  One day earlier this summer I was sitting in on the deck that overlooks that forest when my neighbor, a former … Continue reading

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A better story…on what to do with the rest of your life, and saying yes

(I’m happy to introduce my youngest daughter, Holly Dahlstrom, to you.  Her joy, courage, and love of people inspire me.  Her capacity to hear God’s voice and follow is a reminder to us all that “a better story” awaits, if … Continue reading

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The world is wide…and cold: Advice to dads from one who loves being one

I don’t know where the line originates.  Maybe it comes from one of my children, who spoke to another of my children because they miss each other as they live their lives in Seattle, Germany, and soon, Rwanda.  Wherever it … Continue reading

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Skinny Church – the wrong fast for a hungry world

If nutrition is a hobby of yours, then you know that something as simple and straightforward as eating food has dozens of conflicting schools of thought. Macrobiotic people swear by rice and seaweed. Paleolithic people think rice, and most agriculture … Continue reading

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Don’t find your passion—find your lover

Graduation is in the air, and David Brooks’ excellent article about the wrong-headed speeches he’s heard this graduation season is a great jumping-off point for a very important conversation.  Brooks makes the important observation that today’s generation is entering a … Continue reading

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