Contact and Speaking Schedule

For inquiries about speaking and teaching engagements, please contact Mckenzie Monroe

2014 –

April 7-11 Montana Wilderness School of the Bible

June 15-21  Mt. Hermon Christian Conference Center, Santa Cruz CA – Family Camp

July 6-11  Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center – Maryland  – Family Camp

July 13 – 18 Holiday Bible Week at Capernwray Conference Center – Thetis Island, Canada

July 27- August 1 – Tauernhoff Bible School, Schaldming, Austria



4 Responses to Contact and Speaking Schedule

  1. Ben Scholten - Capernwray Thetis says:

    I was curious if you would touch on Rob Bell’s book?

    I understand that on the Topic of ‘Love wins’ there’s more poo being flung out there than at a zoo without cages… (You can use that if you want)

    Seeing as you were just the other day teaching us on post-modern thought: (Capernwray LTS) I was wondering if you see this as a result to the desire to conform Christianity to ‘right for me’ or if it comes from another thought?

    A side-note; you almost got into discussion on if post-modernism was dying/dead?

  2. Julie says:

    I was at church this past Sunday and I really was encouraged and inspired by your words. My husband and I came home and had a long discussion with my son about brokenness and clay vessels and about how God uses us in the midst of our human condition. One thing we talked about was how profound sometimes the gospel is when it is explained well. It is refreshing to leave after the sermon not feeling like you just got beat up at church.

    I do offer one other thought we had for you to ponder. Sometimes I think it is more impacting NOT to have a type of “alter call” after such a sermon. I feel like you spend 20-25 minutes with some fresh and excitingly renewing Holy Spirit filled words… followed by a very predictable formulaic “do these steps now” stereotypical response invitation. It just diluted the whole process for me. I am referring to the other pastor who got up after you and “invited” people to come forward to “give their lives” if they had never done so or to “renew” their faith in God. I know the verses… “let the redeemed of the Lord say so”… etc. But I feel like you were leading us all on a way deeper and more real path with that sermon breaking all of those Christian 10 step programs that frankly have lost meaning to me and many others. I totally believe in prayer and people giving their lives to Christ, I just wish there was a way of saying it that sounded more genuine and fresh so it could actually go with your message. Because the truth is that many people as they were hearing your sermon were already doing the process of renewal as they were listening. To me, that WAS the whole point.

    Just my thoughts, not expecting anyone to agree with me.

    Thanks for all you do, my family is being renewed by God through your efforts.

  3. I noticed that there was no place to comment on your post. I alway find that interesting with bloggers… and so often if they do allow response, they only seem to allow the positive. Maybe they should call it monoblogging. This would be my response to your smackdown of those who dared to dissent World Vision’s decision: It’s difficult to “lift high the royal standard”– (holiness) in this spiritual economy. World Vision publicly announced their decision to embrace homosexuality and men of God in the church stood up and called them on it. Public sin requires public rebuke. The result was that WV repented and reversed their decision, which is the goal of Biblical discipline- restoration. Living out the gospel has always been a messy business and has involved ’embarrassing discord’ but as we go forward we must proceed in spirit and in truth and on our knees. There is no allowance for differing views, there is only God’s view. If you stand up for righteousness you can be assured of one thing: persecution. Let’s pray for those men who remain faithful while those around them choose the acceptance of men.

    • I don’t know why there were no place for comments… it has to be some sort of tech thing… and the irony, of course, is that here you are commenting. As I said, I wrote the piece, not to affirm or critique WV’s decision, but to plea for compassion and charity as the foundation upon which dialogue can occur. I stand by my original post, believing that comments I’ve received, from both sides of the issue, reinforce my observation that we’ve along with to go before we will be known by our love of each other.

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